Tough week. Tough team.

I am not going to lie, last week at work was tough. We had a lot of deadlines and a lot of issues we had no control over. That being said, I am fortunate to work with a group of hard-working, dedicated and smart people who not only see the glass half full but are determined to get a project completed successfully. I am also lucky that they all have a great sense of humor when there is nothing you can do but laugh and move forward.


This got me thinking about mental toughness and what makes a great team. More importantly what you can do to push thru and keep going even on days when you’d rather stay in bed!


  1. Welcome Failure – Life isn’t perfect, people are not perfect. Occasionally something outside your control will cause you to fail. That’s ok. Embrace it, own it, learn from it and move on!
  2. Be prepared – It may sound cliché but it is good, sound advice. By thinking through the project and all the details you are able to able to absorb the unexpected and be ready when things don’t go your way. Don’t forget about continuing your education and expanding your skillset. It will help you digest information outside your realm of expertise, and allow you to bring new approaches and fresh ideas to help solve issues quickly.
  3. Keep Paying your Dues –. Dues get paid, each and every day. You know you are on a good team when everyone is OK to roll up their sleeves and do grunt work — no matter their title or what they have accomplished. Successful people never feel entitled, they measure their value on the contribution they make on a daily basis. Whether it’s data entry to help get an important project competed, or executing a major customer-facing event.
  4. Find your why – A team vision is a winning vision. By having a deep sense of purpose or inspiring view of what you are trying to achieve. Figure out what drives you and your team and go after it. Constantly remind people the reason why you’re working so hard. Often “the why” gets lost in translation during stressful days.
  5. Teamwork – Teamwork is essential in almost any work environment and being a team player isn’t always easy. Being able to work with your colleagues and rely on them is hard. It is sometimes a leap of faith that they will do the job as good as you would. You should look at teamwork as not only a challenge but as a great opportunity.


Now, I know we are not professional athletes or out to find the cure for infectious disease, we sell enterprise learning software. But, I believe the work we do is important. We are proud of what we produce and want to make sure our customers are proud of us too!


So, big thank you to my colleagues and vendors who make coming to work every day fun (and sometimes a challenge!).


And, I hope you enjoy the new and improved Meridian website and be on the lookout for lots more to come!