ICYMI: Don’t forget to take vacation

In case you missed it (ICYMI) Memorial Day weekend is right around the corner. The pools are open, the weather is warmer, the days are longer and summer is almost here! With all the excitement and plans for a busy, relaxing and active summer, many people struggle with the fear of taking time off.


Don’t believe me? Here’s the proof: A recent survey from the U.S. Travel Association reported that 41% of American workers do not plan to use all of their PTO, despite it being part of their work compensation plan. Yet, of those surveyed, 96% recognized the importance of taking time off.


In honor of Memorial Day, this week’s in case you missed it is packed full of interesting and insightful articles focused on helping you unplug, escape the office and enjoy your well-deserved time off!


Escaping the office

The struggle is real. Escaping the office and taking a vacation proves to be seemingly impossible. In fact, according a recent survey by Trip Advisor, 77% of employed U.S. residents said they worked over vacation in the past year (compared to 40% of the other countries featured in the survey — Australia, Brazil, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Russia, Spain and the UK). A recent article, Americans Struggle To Escape The Office On Vacation [Infographic], highlights some of the reasons why people have trouble unplugging during their time off.


Prepping for vacation

While vacation can be incredibly fun and relaxing, the frenzy of getting ready to take time off and the mountain of working waiting for you when you get back can feel painfully overwhelming. Check out this Inc. article, 4 Great Ways to Prepare for Your Vacation (and Be Happy Upon Return), featuring great insights and advice from Inc. columnists on how to avoid work stress during your time off!


Tips include:

1. Set reasonable expectations. – Kevin Daum
2. Leave no stone unturned. – Peter Economy
3. Invest your time up front. – Marla Tabaka
4. Plan deadlines around holidays. – Eric Holtzclaw


12 Great Memorial Day Getaways

If you’re a notorious procrastinator, this list is for you! You still have time to capitalize on the long weekend. BudgetTravel.com put together a list of twelve spectacular Memorial Day getaways you can escape to across the country! The list is packed full of affordable activities and entertainment in St. Louis; The Jersey Shore; Austin, TX; Charleston, SC; Columbia Gorge, OR; Washington, D.C., Palm Springs, CA; Las Vegas, NV; Denver, CO; New York, NY; Atlanta, GA; and Miami, FL. Be sure to check out the list and take advantage of some of the free activities this weekend!


Google it! Memorial Day Weekend Plans

Curious about what everyone is up to this Memorial Day Weekend? Google has the answer for you! According to information provided by Google – and published in a recent Forbes article, Where The Data Says Americans Are Headed This Memorial Day Weekend, here are some interesting weekend trends.


You can expect massive crowds in

1. Myrtle Beach

2. Ocean City, MD

3. Portland, Oregon

4. Pisgah National Forest

5. Disney World

6. Yellowstone National Park

7. San Diego Zoo

8. Hershey Park

9. Catalina Island

10. Hualalai, Hawaii


And, when people are not at the beach, you’ll likely find them at:

1. Cemeteries

2. Cafes and restaurants

3. Gas stations

4. Furniture stores

5. Ice cream stores


Check out the article for the full list!


Don’t forget to relax!

It’s important to unwind and unplug during vacation. Time away from the office keeps us happy and healthy. It gives us the opportunity to relax, reflect and recharge. People who take time for themselves have increased focus, energy and positivity.


If you want some good advice on how to stop working and start vacationing, check out these two articles:




Happy Memorial Day and enjoy the long weekend!


PS: If you’re looking for a really interesting read, grab a copy of the June issue of TIME Magazine, the cover article, Who Killed Summer Vacation?, is definitely worth reading!