Meridian Knowledge Solutions Positions For Accelerated Growth In New Markets

Paul Terry Hired as Chief Strategy & Operations Officer

RESTON, Va. – August 21, 2018 – Meridian Knowledge Solutions, a leading, cloud-based, learning management software provider, today announced the appointment of Paul Terry as its new Chief Strategy & Operations Officer of Meridian Knowledge Solutions.

In this new role, Terry will be responsible for accelerating and executing Meridian’s go-to-market strategy and spearheading the development of innovative learning offerings to advance the Company’s mission and objectives. His experience in identifying viable market trends will be paramount in the development of new Meridian solutions to meet the current and future demands of the market.

“Paul brings incredible acumen in business development, strategy, and operations to this new executive role at Meridian.” said Jonna Ward, CEO and President of Meridian Knowledge Solutions. “The hiring of Paul follows the appointment of Patrick Devlin as Meridian’s Chief Revenue Officer in June 2018. The two will work hand-in-hand to accelerate Meridian’s growth and to expand Meridian’s footprint in existing and new markets while consistently exceeding the expectations of our clients.”

“Meridian maintains an expert focus on learning technology and offers a product with impressive depth. This focus and depth position Meridian to anticipate and deliver solutions in pace with the rapid evolution that is occurring within the management and consumption of learning,” said Terry. “I look forward to leading the Meridian team in analyzing and identifying the needs of the market and then meeting those needs with learning management solutions that deliver measurable business impact.”

Terry, most recently with Regent Education, brings an exceptional track record of successful strategy execution that includes his efforts in building one of the largest software companies in Washington D.C. Prior to his time at Regent Education, Terry held executive positions at Cengage Learning and Blackboard.


About Meridian Knowledge Solutions:

Meridian Knowledge Solutions is a leader in cloud-based learning software. Meridian’s powerful learning management system is leveraged by organizations dedicated to building world-class learning enterprises. With over 7 million users worldwide, Meridian offers industry-leading extensibility and flexibility and a best-of-breed learning management system that gives organizations and users limitless options for their learning programs.

Meridian LMS 17.3 Release

Meridian Refines Framework, Features and Functionality, Enhancing Administrator and User Experience

Reston, Va. – Dec 1, 2017 – Meridian Knowledge Solutions, a leading cloud-based learning management system (LMS) provider, announced today the availability of Meridian LMSTM version 17.3. In this release five key areas received updates which provide better user experience for administrators and end-users. As an industry leader in the learning management system industry, Meridian LMS continuously strives to improve its core learning platform. Notable upgrades include easier usability and reduced time needed for LMS administrators and instructors with their LMS administration.


“We value our relationship with our core community users very seriously. Listening to their needs and engaging with them helps drive improvements to our platform roadmap.”

Geoff Perry,
Chief Product Officer

From ideation through implementation, Meridian is focused solely on learning. Meridian LMS provides deep functionality that meets the complex requirements of any organization, regardless of industry and deployment needs.

Meridian LMS 17.3 release
 highlights include:


Training Assignments:

Training Assignments, formerly Required Training, received significant updates to the workflow of assigning content to users. Multiple content items can now be assigned to multiple entity types (users, orgs, groups, jobs, etc.).  Scheduling due dates and allowing for past completions is now easier.  Training assignments can be saved in draft mode prior to assigning them to users.

Section Management:

Improvements to classroom search and action section management allow easier and more intuitive management of course sections. Improvements include easier administrator search, changes to the section details tab, updates to section enrollment, and more efficient navigation between section details and instructor tools.

Next Generation Surveys:

Survey creation, management, UI and reporting have been revamped to existing surveys. Surveys now include branching type questions and provide better analytics.


Conduct custom messaging using a web-enabled resource (URL) and removes the need for resource-expensive polling, slow-and-bulky scheduled exports, or product extensions. Administrators can use information pushed by Webhooks to automate reports and flag critical learning events in their applications.

Microsoft Azure Active Directory AD Support:

Meridian LMS now supports user provisioning and Single Sign-On (SSO) authentication from Azure AD. Administrators can access user access with Microsoft applications like Office 365.  New group provisioning and user group membership capabilities facilitate the use of bulk training assignments.

“Our 17.3 release focuses on refining usability for power users. The Meridian survey engine received a complete facelift. Functional improvements were added to training assignments and classroom section management. We also added two new powerful integrations that will enable LMS administrators to customize and automate eLearning processes.”

Geoff Perry,
Chief Product Officer

Meridian LMS 17.3 is available December 1, 2017.

About Meridian Knowledge Solutions:
Meridian Knowledge Solutions, LLC, is a leading provider of enterprise, web-based learning management software. Meridian LMS is leveraged by organizations dedicated to building world-class learning enterprises. With over 7 million users worldwide, Meridian offers a flexible, best-of-breed learning management system that gives organizations and users alike a seamless, integrated experience, all while strengthening the bottom line. Meridian is headquartered in Reston, VA.


What’s New in Meridian Global LMS 17.2

The 2017 Summer Release of Meridian Global LMS adds seamless integration with OpenSesame’s eLearning Marketplace, exciting new gamification capabilities and effortless efficiency advancements.


Reston, Va. – June 24, 2017 – Meridian Knowledge Solutions, a leading learning management system (LMS) provider, today announced the availability of Meridian Global LMS® version 17.2. With the newest release of its flagship learning management product, Meridian makes the jobs of LMS administrators and instructors easier.

Meridian Global LMS 17.2 streamlines the way users find and manage content, giving learners access to more items from the learning catalog, and providing a tool for increasing user engagement.

“Providing a great experience for administrators and instructors is just as important as it is for learners.  In this release, we’ve introduced more tools to allow administrators to grow and manage their learning catalog and increase engagement with learners.”

— Geoff Perry, Chief Product Officer

Meridian Global LMS® 17.2 release includes:

Navigation Enhancements: Navigate with confidence. Meridian Global 17.2 delivers an improved navigation experience, allowing easier, more direct ways to access necessary functionality.

  • Streamlined Navigation
  • Quick Create for Learning Content: Meridian added a universal content create button to the navigation bar, allowing for quick creation of content from anywhere in the system.
  • Edit from catalog details: Content administrators can now jump directly to editing a content item from its catalog details page.
  • Enhanced Predictive Search: Predictive search results now display below the search field and include both the title of the item and its content type.

Classroom Section Updates: Designed with Administrators and Instructors in mind, classroom section updates improve frequently used workflows, easing the burden on your time and resources.

  • Easy-print roster: A printable sign-in sheet that can also be exported to Excel has been added to classroom courses.
  • Information repository for course notes and files: Administrators and instructors can now add files and notes to classroom section details that can be shared between authorized users.
  • Completion Codes: Users can now indicate they have enrolled in, attended, and completed a course, all in one step.
  • Time zones in Section Management: When authorized users create, or edit a classroom course section, they now have the option to associated a time zone with course section start and end times.

Extended Permission Scope

Let your LMS work for you with extended permission scope. Administrators can more effectively delegate administration and increase a user’s influence in the system.

Administrators now have the option to assign individual “scope of control” permissions to users, allowing for more specificity in designating which users a particular administrator can see in Manage Users and Manage Enrollment.


Meridian Global 17.2 delivers a new tool, Gamification, designed to spark user engagement and motivation – Administrators have the configurable option to assign points to content items and create badges to be awarded to users based on point accumulation. There is also an optional leaderboard, allowing users to view their progress as well as that of their colleagues.

OpenSesame Integration

The OpenSesame eLearning Marketplace is now integrated with the Meridian Global Learning Management System, making it easier than ever to build your library of online content. Choose from more than 20,000 courses in a variety disciplines and expand your users’ professional skills in a seamless, comprehensive learning experience.

Find the courses you want, choose the number of seats you need, and let Meridian Global LMS import the courses for you. No more uploading courses one at a time.

OpenSesame Integration Highlights:

  • Seamless integration with Meridian Global Learning Management System
  • Access to a library of more than 20,000 carefully curated, professional development courses
  • Choose the courses and number of seats to meet your training goals
  • Maintain complete control over learner access to content
  • OpenSesame courses are automatically added to existing Meridian LMS™ course catalog
  • Single sign-on purchasing and synchronization of content


Meridian’s 17.2 release is available on June 24, 2017.

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About Meridian Knowledge Solutions:

Meridian Knowledge Solutions, LLC, is the leading provider of enterprise, web-based learning management software. Meridian’s powerful yet easy-to-use solutions are leveraged by organizations dedicated to building world-class learning enterprises inspired and focused on delivering exceptional results. With over 7 million users worldwide, Meridian offers a flexible, best-of-breed learning management system that gives organizations and users alike a seamless, integrated experience, all while strengthening the bottom line. The company is headquartered in Reston, VA.


Roadmap to Success: 5 Considerations in Selecting the Right LMS

Whether you’re a first-time buyer, or a seasoned learning and development expert looking for new technology, selecting a learning management system (LMS) is no small task.


According to Forrester Research, the $5 billion LMS market is continuing to grow for several reasons – a new workforce is driving new learning approaches, companies are continuing to upgrade to (and seek out) SaaS solutions, more and more small and medium-sized businesses are entering the market and organization’s extended enterprises are growing exponentially. Add to this the fact that there are hundreds of LMS options in the market, and navigating the complexities in technology procurement can become daunting.


On a recent HCI webinar, Claire Schooley, Principal Analyst Serving Application Development & Delivery for Forrester Research, shared her insight into the changes in the LMS market and the five steps that organizations should to successfully ensure they select the right LMS.


Here is an overview of the 5 steps that she lays out in the session.


Step 1: Communicate features and value of the LMS – The first step in any LMS buying journey is always making the business case for change. Mapping your organization’s goals and objectives to your LMS needs can provide a foundation for proving why a change in your LMS is a “must have.”


Step 2: Assess what you have and what you need – Step two ties directly into step one. It is time to dive into your current learning system and take stock of your existing activities and technologies. Are there areas of duplication? What are you core needs?


Step 3: Assemble a steering committee to drive LMS selection – Selecting the right LMS is a collaborative effort and requires a team of people with a vested interest in the success of the project. Involving a team of people from different areas of the business can help you streamline your efforts to assemble company-wide needs and can be beneficial when brainstorming cutting-edge approaches to learning.


Step 4: Determine the business requirements for the LMS – Your requirements documents should list the LMS functions necessary to execute your learning strategy and support your internal processes. Most requirements can be broken into three areas: functional (what the system needs to do), technical (IT needs) and operational (how the system should run).


Step 5: Identify potential LMS providers – Now it is time to do some research. There is no shortage of LMS vendors out there. Try narrowing down your list by prioritizing your requirements and choosing the top vendors that fully meet your “must have” list, but also can provide some of your cutting-edge wants.


Choosing an LMS isn’t easy! View the webinar replay for all of Claire’s insights into LMS selection that will help take the anxiety out of the process and enable you to successfully lead the project with confidence.