ICYMI: How to shine in any interview

Good news for recent graduates and those looking to make a job change! With unemployment rates declining and plethora new jobs opening, one thing is certain: there will be a lot more interviews happening! In this week’s in case you missed it (ICYMI), we’ve pulled three top-notch article covering everything you need to know about not only preparing for, but standing out, in an interview.


4 things you must convey at the end of an interview

Most of us have left an interview wishing we had asked discussed one more topic or asked one more question. No matter how much you prepare, it’s impossible to truly predict how the interview will unfold. To help organize your thoughts and let your best-self shine, The Muse put together a list of the 4 Things You Absolutely Must Convey by the End of an Interview.


The list includes:

  1. You’ll start making an impact on Day One
  2. You’ll fit in with the team (and not just socially)
  3. You’re an enthusiast about the job
  4. You sparkle


Check out the full article for some great advice before you walk out the door.


8 interview questions that help define your character

Tapping into and understanding a candidates’ charisma, intellect and know-how in a 45 minute interview is no small task. To get the best hire, you need to ask the right questions. Once you’re past the normal questions about the candidate’s background, skills and career path, you’re often still left wondering if you captured the full picture of their true character. To help you get closer to discovering the personality and whit of your potential candidate, Inc. put together 8 Stealth Interview Questions That Will Reveal Your True Character. The questions ranging from – “What’s your favorite restaurant?” to “What’s your spirit animal?” to “Tell me a joke” – are designed to provoke an authentic answer. Check out the article to see the full list!


The dos and don’ts of exit interviews

Exit interviews can be rough. There’s a fine line between honest, constructive comments and career-ending feedback. To help ease your mind, Forbes wrote an article on the Exit Interview Dos and Don’ts, which features five tips on how to handle exit interviews with grace.


The tips include:

  1. Vent ahead of time, not during the interview – Agreed! HR doesn’t want to hear you complain about your boss being a complete jerk!
  2. Plan and prepare for the session – Yup! If you don’t prepare, you won’t sound authentic.
  3. Exit with grace by focusing on the positive – Coming off abrasive and conceded isn’t going to help your career down the road.
  4. Provide useful facts – HR and employers want to know specific reasons why you’re leaving: spouse relocation, higher salary, few growth opportunities, etc.
  5. Have your own informal exit interviews – Probably my favorite tip on the list; rather than let gossip run rampant around the office, sit down and talk to your colleagues and managers about why you’re leaving.


Get the full scoop on the dos and don’ts of exit interviews by reading the full article.