National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) Selects Meridian to Drive Learning Excellence

April 13, 2015

Top Trade Association to Utilize Industry Leading Learning Management System (LMS) Across Expansive Member Base Herndon, VA – April 13, 2015 – Meridian Knowledge Solutions, a leading provider of adaptable, web-based software for developing, managing and optimizing organizational skills to increase workforce productivity, has been selected as the learning management system (LMS) for the National…

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ICYMI: Mentoring + Learning = Higher Engagement and Happiness

April 10, 2015

When people invest in you and you invest in yourself, you’re far more likely to live a happy, successful and meaningful professional and personal life. Seems logical, right? This week’s ICYMI (In case you missed it) includes a collection of research and advice circling the internet this week focused on how to find a great…

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5 Ways to Kill Boring Training Programs

April 9, 2015

“I can’t wait to spend the next three hours completing a required training course” – said no one ever.   Training doesn’t have to be boring. And it certainly doesn’t have to be limited to on-boarding and compliance mandates. But often it’s painfully boring and only used to complete required courses. Ethics and sexual harassment…

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ICYMI: The cold hard facts about soul-sucking commutes, virtual employees, women in business & more!

April 3, 2015

Another day, another dollar and another round-up of the most popular, thought-provoking and maybe even unsettling articles going viral online. In case you missed it (ICYMI), check out the top articles setting off email chains and generating conversation around the Meridian watercooler. #CommutingProblems Who loves sitting in traffic? No one. It ranks among people’s least…

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Event | HR Technology Conference & Expo | Oct 18-21, 2015 | Booth 2614

March 27, 2015

Visit Meridian at Booth 2614 during the HR Technology Conference & Expo in Las Vegas, NV on October 18, 2015 – October 21, 2015.

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Gamification: Tech trend or here to stay?

March 25, 2015

Highlights from the L&D Hangout with Fistful of Talent Gamification helps learners engage in content in a deeper more meaning for way. Skeptics out there think gamification is going to be a passing trend, but according to M2 Research, it’s growing. In fact, gamification is projected to grow to $2.8 billion by next year. We…

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ICYMI: Deloitte ditches performance rankings

March 20, 2015

In case you missed it volume three! The hottest headlines covering workplace culture, performance and management. Performance review overhaul Do you dread your performance review? Do you question its authenticity and impact on your team? Do you find it outdated and meaningless? According to research, only 23% of HR pros surveyed say they’re satisfied with their…

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Avoiding a job burnout: How to reignite your passion for work

March 17, 2015

Feeling burnout this time of year isn’t uncommon. It’s been a long (and for some of us very snowy) winter. We are all desperate for spring, sunshine and some inspiration.   Experiencing a job burnout is also not that uncommon.   If you are fortunate enough to be unfamiliar with the term job burnout, it’s…

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#ICYMI: Gen Y Update — Your opinion on Millennials is all wrong

March 13, 2015

In case you missed it (ICYMI), here’s the quick and dirty on the hottest topics covering business and workplace culture circling the internet this week! Gen Y Update: Your opinion on Millennials is all wrong… Hold the phone, the stereotypes you think to be true of Millennials might have been proven wrong. A recent report…

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Unplugging: A Lesson in Mindfulness

March 10, 2015

In my quest to make 2015 a year of living more joyously, authentically and gracefully, I thought I should jump on the bandwagon of the hottest (and maybe oldest!) health trends out there — mindfulness. Mindfulness, a meditative practice dating back thousands of years, has roots in Buddhism. Meditating encourages you to focus on the…

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