Universities have a responsibility to create safe, healthy campus and academic environments. They also need to address compliance with state and federal laws, Title IX, and the Clery/Violence Against Women Act in a rapidly expanding regulatory climate or risk significant monetary penalties and reputational damage for non-compliance.


$9.8M in enrollment violations by offering financial aid to unqualified students.

Meridian’s higher education LMS offers rich features which enable private and state universities to drive continuous staff & faculty development, adhere to stringent research regulations and address an increasing number of complex compliance training needs.

One institution fined $7.6M for improper accounting on a research award.


Meet Learning Challenges Across the University

Whether launching new diversity and inclusion initiatives or training to promote accountability, integrity and ethical behavior, the Meridian LMS for higher education helps universities to:

  • Gain actionable insights via compliance dashboards
  • Maintain detailed, audit-ready training records
  • Manage staff certifications, licenses, and accreditations
  • Adhere to stringent data security requirements
  • Meet unique requirements associated with university research compliance
  • Leverage data from other systems and resources for an enhanced view of talent
  • Manage changing workforce learning needs due to enrollment fluctuations

Higher ed institutions must deliver quality education while facing decreased enrollments, lower revenues, and reduced state budget allocations. They also need to effectively compete with the commercial sector for talent. Effective faculty training using a learning management system can address these issues.

E-Learning for Workers on the Move.

Meridian’s advanced mobile LMS capabilities give on the go workers access to training via any mobile device. Now your staff, faculty, supervisors and administrators can:

  • Participate in training anytime, anywhere
  • Protect sensitive data and privacy of personnel information
  • Quickly deliver new compliance and ethics training
  • Improve staff performance and grow critical academic skills