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Build a culture of learning and collaboration. With Meridian LMS™ Career Development, organizations can quickly on-board, strategically train and continuously develop your entire workforce.

The carrot, not the stick

Employees use their organizations’ learning management system when they see value in it. Too often, the only clear value for an employee is completing required compliance training and staying on their boss’ good side. Using an LMS can be something employees do willingly, when learning activities focused toward career development benefit both learners and their organizations. Meridian LMS Career Development clearly defines paths to readiness ensuring organizations and learners are all working towards the same goal.

For the learner

How can employees see what jobs might be a good fit in the future? How can they find out how to prepare for that next step?

  • Meridian LMS Career Explorer shows employees the opportunities out there, as well as the paths from their current positions to potential future jobs.
  • Meridian LMS summarizes competency and training gaps for potential jobs, so employees can see their current “fit”.
  • When employees find a path that interests them, Meridian LMS Career Development module lets them easily choose competencies to develop, efficiently find recommended training promoting those competencies, and quickly add that training to a development plan.


For the organization

How can organizations best use employee training to strengthen their businesses? How can learning management systems be effective partners in employee management?

  • Meridian LMS Career Development provides a simple path to relevant training helping employers retain top employees. Turning over good employees is as bad as hiring the wrong ones, and high-performing employees will leave if they don’t believe there is a path forward for them within the organization.
  • Meridian LMS Career Development clearly connects training opportunities to competencies necessary for the organization, making it easy to guide employees toward acquiring the skills to meet future business needs.
  • Meridian LMS gives tried-and-true employees a clear path to growth within the organization. These strategic, well-defined learning pathways increase employee satisfaction and meet business needs, minimizing the risks associated with outside hiring.


Integrate Performance Data in Meridian LMS

Many organizations already have tools to assess learner performance. In some cases, these tools uncover and display proficiency gaps. But what can learners do to improve?

Meridian LMS ties existing tools and data into its LMS-based development and career planning.

  • Performance data, including 360 ratings, annual manager ratings, and 90-day interim evaluations, can be used in Meridian LMS.
  • Meridian LMS offers organizations an automated import of competency-based performance data.
  • Existing data from third-party performance management systems is used to highlight developmental areas in Meridian LMS.
  • After performance data is integrated, learners have a visual gauge of their performance and training gaps, measured against standards set by the organization.

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