Learning at Your Fingertips


For the training industry, the rise of mobile devices heralds a change in the way employees, partners, and customers can and will learn. Mobile devices make it possible for anyone to learn nearly anything, anywhere. For example, field-based employees can use their mobile devices to receive bite-sized learning chunks that help them complete particular tasks. Or, mobile learners can start and stop classes and pick up where they left off on a different device.

With so many people on the move, employers owe it to themselves, their employees, and customers to adopt a strategy for mobile learning. Before launching mobile training, an organization should think about a number of factors:

      • How is the organization’s existing infrastructure going to complement mobile learning?
      • What is the best type of content to deliver?
      • Does the organization (and its learners) have access to high-speed networks?

The strategies that are going to make mobile learning effective include:

      • Pushing videos out to tablets and smartphones
      • Building smaller, less complex content that works well on mobile
      • Taking advantage of the ways learners already use their mobile devices

Mobile delivery of learning content makes the experience more personal for each individual learner by making education available on that learner’s schedule. It also promotes conversation and collaboration, since learners can use their mobile devices to interact with fellow students and instructors wherever they are located.

A learning management system like Meridian Global is required technology for tracking, managing, and delivering mobile content. Through a personalized dashboard, a learner can view tutorials, eBooks, or videos. They can complete the entire cycle of registration, attendance, and assessment all on their mobile devices. Learners can now complete their training when it’s most convenient, while organizations monitor their progress through the LMS.

Organizations that want to increase productivity and performance can’t afford to ignore the power of mobile content delivery. Meridian provides the technology and the expertise to ensure the success of any mobile learning initiative.